About Us

About Us

Africa is home to the world’s fastest growing population with an estimated current population of just over 1.2 billion. Being one of the poorest continents grappling with basic challenges of food, housing, healthcare, education and infrastructure, Africa is also home to the largest growing number of impact entrepreneurs – investment with a social change.

Access to quality housing remains a key challenge in Kenya with the housing deficit only being met in the upper and middle upper end of the market. Lower and middle income families are forced to make-do with substandard housing with poor infrastructural services and poor property management services. 

Brownstone Capital is an impact investor that seeks to curve out a niche in the lower and middle income housing space. We seek to provide quality housing while providing attractive returns to our investors. Brownstone also offers ancillary services within the real estate space including property management.

We are a group of 24 forward-looking investors determined to plug the gap. We seek to share our different resources and experiences from varying backgrounds including real estate, investment, engineering, administration, legal and tax consulting to revolutionize how real estate investments are done in Africa. We are passionate about making an impact, which is why we have chosen to focus exclusively in a space that most would not – providing quality and decent accommodation to the lower and middle income. Our journey has just began…

Our Mission

To transform the wellbeing of its members by creating sustainable wealth through offering quality assets to its customers

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What We Invest In

Our approach to real estate employs value added and opportunistic real estate strategies. We acquire well-built blocks of apartments close to public infrastructure and social amenities. We target areas with growing populations with close proximity to major business centres, we renovate these apartments to improve their quality in terms of lighting, quality of finish, incorporation of green spaces, and make significant improvements in quality of services we offer to the tenants.

We also buy land in strategic areas and work with proven development partners to construct quality affordable homes. Our investment philosophy is built on a buy to hold principle. Our long-term view to investing ensures that we continually maintain the quality of our portfolio.

Invest With Us

How can you join us in this exciting journey?

  • Sell to us your property – Do you have an attractive property containing studios, one bedroom, two bedroom or a mix of these? Is it located close to public infrastructure facilities? Do you have the proper approvals for your development? Is your title freehold or leasehold? Talk to us. We target an annual rental yield of 12%

  • Co-Invest with us – We are continuously seeking to work with like-minded investors to purchase and to develop properties together. Our ideal partner seeks to invest risk capital in the low and middle income housing space, has a long-term view to investing, appreciates the need for creating sustainable real estate developments.

    How will you make money? Through quarterly cash yields with a target 8% annual rental yield, plus lump sum payments through either debt recapitalizations or outright sales.

  • Buy from us – From time to time, we have a portfolio of quality units for sale to potential investors. All our properties have all the necessary approvals including county approvals, NEMA, county rates and KRA taxes. We’ll offer you a quality grade asset that works for you and your chama. Want to Invest with us? Contact us

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